Dahlia became interested in Belly Dance after watching a performance in downtown Ft Walton Beach in 2001 at a New Year’s Eve party. After a little bit of research, she found the Kasba Dancers at the Hendricks Recreation Center and began to take Belly Dance classes.  She was a little bit apprehensive at first but everyone was so welcoming and the dance was so much fun, she has been at it ever since.  Dahlia has been fortunate to have worked with a lot of different instructors over the years.  She has also attended workshops whenever possible.  Dahlia taught beginner Belly Dance to the Kasba Jenies at Eglin Air Force Base for several years.  It was during that time period she tried her hand at choreographing. Dahlia looks forward to every event and proud to be a member of the Kasba Dancers.



Shahiba began bellydancing in 2003 in Dallas at the Authentic Belly Dance Academy . She fell in love with bellydancing during her first class.  She danced in the student troupe, The Arabesque Dancers, as well in the professional troupe, Harem Fitna. Shahiba continued bellydancing when she moved to Las Vegas in 2006. She studied with Amira of Las Vegas and Andrea. Shahiba was a member of Amira's troupe, Raqaseen.When she moved to the Florida Panhandle in 2010, she joined the Kasba Dancers. She enjoys performing and choreography. She will be teaching the Kasba Dancers Beginners Classes starting in September 2015. To find out more about Shahiba, see her website http://shahibabellydance.com/Home/






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Amar found belly dance during her many travels with the United States Air Force.  She did not start taking lessons until 2005 when in South Dakota.  Her first style is American Tribal style and was a member Gypsy Blackhills belly dance until the military sent  her to Tucson AZ in 2006.  While in Tucson, she studied under Gina Schanel, Lucy Morals, and Mahin.  The styles studied while in Arizona were improvised American Style and Egyptian.  She also took numerous workshops to include Tribal Pura from Fat Chance Belly Dance.  In 2009 to 2010, Amar lived in Izmir, Turkey and observed many great dancers while there.  In 2010, she came to Fort Walton Beach, Fl and became a member of the Kasba Dancers.  She performs with the Kasba Dancers  and attends many haflas and workshops in the Florida Panhandle area .

Farasha - Director of the Kasba Dancers


Farasha is the director of The Kasba Dancers of Fort Walton Beach, FL. Family lore says Farasha has been dancing since before she was born!  She has studied Country Western, Ballroom, and Latin style dancing and enjoys all types of dance, including a long standing love of Bellydance.  A friend introduced Farasha to this dance form when she was 13, and it was love at first shimmy!  She has been a member of the Kasba Dancers for nearly 20 years, and has been directing and teaching for 10 of those years. She enjoys sharing her love of the dance with her students through techniques, culture, and history – and encouraging them to develop their own unique style and expression. 


Photograph courtesy of Jeff Mischke

Photograph courtesy of Bonnie Tate and Olga Guy

Photograph courtesy of Bonnie Tate and Olga Guy

Photograph courtesy of Bonnie Tate and Olga Guy